What's In My Stack?

A (non-exhaustive) list of the tools, software and gizmos I've accumulated in my quest to achieve Peak Performance


  • 14" MacBook Pro (16GB, M1 Pro)

    The heart of the operation here. I considered the M1 Max upgrade but with the smaller footprint, I opted for the Pro chip and have no regrets.

  • 12.9" iPad Pro (2020) & Apple Pencil

    For a complement to a MacBook Pro it has a lot of potential. As a daily driver, I think iPadOS is still a bit half-baked.

  • Western Digital Elements HDD (8TB)

    A simple USB-based external hard drive. Configured for automatic, weekly backups via Time Machine. And of course, this backup has backups.

  • ZSA Moonlander Mk1 Ergonomic Keyboard

    The split ortholinear mechanical keyboard of my dreams. Currently equipped with Kailh Box Jade switches.

  • Apple Magic Trackpad

    Honestly, I thought this was overkill at first but now with it comfortably placed between the split keyboard halves I can't seem to work without it.

  • Flexispot 42" Standing Desk

    Another home office purchase I rolled the dice on. I have to admit I don't stand as much as I probably should, but as a desk it does the job perfectly.

Dev Tools

  • Sublime Text 4

    Am I a poser or am I just one of those hipster coders? Yes.

  • Oh My Zsh

    Do I need the supercharged terminal? Probably not. Do I want the pretty colors? Absolutely.


  • Concepts

    As a complete beginner to the art game, the sheer array of options can feel overwhelming. Still, my sketches have never looked so pretty.


  • Obsidian

    I love the linking feature Obsidian uses to show relationships between my notes. For someone who struggles to tame my brainstorming, it is such a helpful tool for plotting out my game plan.

  • Moleskine Weekly Planner

    Pen and paper might be old school, but it sure does the trick. Plus, who doesn't like stickers??


  • My Lovely Partner

    ily <3

  • Iggy

    Cat. The floofiest boi there ever was :3

  • Kira

    Cat. Can be found eating, napping or eating.